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Independent Producer For Hire

Work with someone who’s been on the other side of the camera.

Fucsia Background

Don't Just Dream It

Make It Happen

Let's bring your script to life.

The hardest part of producing a project can be logistics.

You have the perfect script and maybe a fellow friend or two in mind. But what about the rest of it? How do you go from an initial concept to finally being able to say, “that’s a wrap”?

It’s simple. Hire me.

The truth is I began producing out of necessity.​ Instead of waiting for a project to start, I took action and I haven't stopped since.

If you want a Producer who understands both the creative and the organizational aspects of filmmaking, look no further. 

Need A Dedicated Producer?

Why work with Jessica Cruz?

Three Words



Communication is my secret to meeting deadlines.

When I work with you, I provide detailed overviews of tasks and timeframes to keep you on track.


​​I help you set the right expectations from pre-production to post-production. I'm not afraid to ask questions or follow up when I need to.​

If you're looking for someone assertive but easy to get along with, I'm your gal. 



I largely overlook every aspect of production. This is why staying organized is important.

I make lists, send out emails, overlook budgeting, and scheduling. 

Little by little, I help piece your film together.

And through it all I make it a point to keep all paperwork, tasks, and notes in order. 



As a producer and an actress, I understand that cast and crew are the heart of every film.

That's why I pride myself on my network of colleagues.

When you need a grip, AD, or ten extras to fill a room, I'm the first to make calls.

I help you put together a roster filled with talented and hardworking people.

And when all else fails, I even utilize trusted groups and social media channels to make sure your cast and crew lists are always complete.

Additional Services

Social Media Marketing

The marketing of independent films is often an afterthought, which is unfortunate.

As your producer, I ensure your project has a social media presence and marketing plan in place. 

I have experience managing the social media accounts of previous projects and believe it's vital to create buzz. Work with me and get your film the recognition it deserves. 

Catherina Pictures Curved .png

A Production Company That Puts Your Vision First.

It all starts here.

After venturing into the world of producing, I saw a need for a production company that serves creatives. So, Catherina Pictures was born.

If you are an actor, writer, or director with a script who needs guidance, you've come to the right place.

I am thrilled to announce a company dedicated to helping you through the chaotic production process.

Like all companies, we help with scheduling, hiring, and coordinating. 


Most importantly, we help capture your story.

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