Virtual Theatre Live Streaming!!

Boy am I excited! I'll be performing in 2 plays via Zoom in December!

On December 2nd at 7:30pm EST and 4:30pm PST, I will be portraying 3 strong characters (Rania, Maryam, & Interrogator #2) in an intense emotional drama, To The Death Of My Own Family. Written by David L. Meth and directed by Elizabeth Bove. For the first time ever I'll be speaking in a Persian accent as Maryam. Be sure to catch me on this show.

To The Death Of My Own Family

Zoom Presentation Link:

Passcode: 310626

On December 12th, I'll be playing the ever so sassy and brilliant Eliza Doolittle in George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion. Streaming live on YouTube and Facebook on Virtual Theatre 2020's page. Directed by Jonathan O'Guin.